Online Code of Conduct and Concussion Form

Code of Conduct and Concussion Form

  • Code of Conduct

    I will not sell, distribute, use, or possess any chemical substance, excluding currently prescribed medication. Drugs include any alcoholic beverage, marijuana, methamphetamines, anabolic steroids, dangerous controlled substances as defined by state statute, or any substance that could be considered a "look-alike". 

    I will not willingly attend and/or remain at activites where illegal consumption of alcohol or other drugs is taking place. 

    I understand that the use of tobbacco of any kind (smoking or chewing) is not permitted. 

    I will conduct myself in a manner which erns the respect of my teammates, coaches, peers, school, community members, and opponents. 

    I accept this agreement as morally binding and will honor each item in the Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities. 


  • Concussion Information Sheet

    By signing this form, as the parent/guardian/care-giver of the student-athlete named below, I acknowledge receiving a copy of the concussion and head injury information sheet prepared by the Ohio Department of Health as required by section 3313.539 of the Revised Code. 

    I understand concussions and other head injuries have serious and possibly long-lasting effects. 

    By reading the information sheet, I understand I have responsiblility to report any signs or symptons of a concussion or head injury to coaches, administrator and my student-athlete's doctor. 

    I also understand that coaches, referees and other officials have a responsibility to protect the health of the student-athletes and may prohibit my student-athlete from further participation in athletic programs until my student-athlete has been cleared to return by a physician or other appropriate health care professional.

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