Warriors News · Edgewood & Braden Ticketing Information

Thank you for all your understanding and cooperation the past couple weeks as we have started competitions here in Warrior Country.

Please be reminded of a few important items:

Ticketing Procedures:

  1. Each and every game is different in regards to attendance. Please understand that due to each facility’s seated capacity, the number of tickets could be restricted, limited or unlimited. This will continue to be communicated from our coaches.
  2. Please use the following link to purchase your tickets. https://ehsathletics.org/edgewood-athletics-box-office/ 
  3. Tickets for the week are released on Monday mornings at 7:00AM
  4. Please be reminded… you need to use your students unique “student id” in order to purchase/order tickets.
  5. For all AWAY contests, please make sure you are printing the paper tickets to be handed in at the visiting gate.
  6. For Home Games…. High School events – virtual tickets on your phone WORKS as we have scanning ability at the gates.
  7. For Middle School Home events… we prefer paper tickets so we can physically monitor our attendance.

Game-Day Procedures:

  1. Please make sure when you enter the stadium/gymnasium you are wearing a mask. This mask must be worn throughout the event.
  2. Thank you for your cooperation as we empty the facility between Junior Varsity/Varsity and 7th/8th grade contests. This helps us allow more spectators for each event.
  3. There are NO CONCESSIONS this year at Edgewood or Braden events. This means you should not be bringing your own food/items to contests. The main reason for no concessions is that people need to remove their masks to eat or drink and we are mandated to have spectators/coaches/players have masks on during events by the health department.


Once again, thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this very difficult time. We have done an excellent job maintaining the safety and integrity of our student athletes, coaches, spectators, and our facilities. Let’s keep up the good work so these student athletes can have a full season!