Warriors News · Class of 2020 Senior Parade – Let’s Line the Streets!

For our seniors.  A reminder that the Senior Parade is this coming Sunday, May 31st beginning at 10:00 AM in the Towne Square Mall parking lot.

Students are permitted to arrive at 9:45 AM and will line up in no specific order.  We are asking any student who wants to decorate their car with window paint that they do so at home to eliminate any social gathering in the mall parking lot.   Also, students are encouraged to wear their cap and gown, but are not required to do so.

Once in the mall parking lot law enforcement will direct you where to line up and all students have to remain inside of their car.

We did make an adjustment to the parade route to make it longer and safer.  Letters were sent out to all the businesses along Route 20 a few weeks ago encouraging them to show their support of our seniors and many have responded that they will do so.  This is the reason for starting at the Towne Square Mall in order for our local businesses to support our seniors and show our appreciation for their support of our students during the school year.   The adjustment we made was instead of turning into the back entrance of Braden Middle School we will continue on State Road and make a left onto Route 84.  We will take Route 84 to 193 and make a left onto 193.  We will then take 193 to Route 20 and make a left onto Route 20 to head toward Edgewood High School.  We will finish the parade by making a left onto Blake Road where students can drive by Edgewood High School where many of your teachers will be there to cheer you on and support you.  The parade will end after passing Edgewood High School.