Warriors News · Seniors Graduation Info Update – From Mr. Notar

Dear Senior Students and Parents:

Good evening, this is Michael Notar, principal of Edgewood High School.  The reason for the phone call is to update our senior students and parents about graduation.  We are waiting on Governor DeWine to make the decision to either reopen schools in May or to close them for the rest of the year.  If schools are reopened in May, then the Senior Awards ceremony date and time will remain the same and be in the evening of Thursday, May 28th.  The date and time for Commencement would also remain the same which is Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:00 PM. The only change would be the location.  We have decided to move Commencement from Edgewood High School gymnasium to Corlew Stadium.  This decision was made due to not being able to have enough time to print tickets in time for each student and their families in order to stay under the mandated seating requirement of the gymnasium.  

If schools are not permitted to reopen, then the administrative team at Edgewood has designed a back-up plan to have an organized parade with the graduating seniors and their parents, family members and friends allowing each senior to receive their diploma and any other academic award at the end of the parade in the front of Edgewood High School.  If this happens more information will be sent home in the mail in early May to every senior explaining the specifics of the parade such as; date and time (tentatively May 31st at 10:00 AM), the route to be followed, any safety precautions that must be followed and other pertinent information.  Also, if school does not reopen the letter will also include a date in which every senior can come to Edgewood to pick up their cap and gown for the parade and to drop off their chromebook, any textbooks, pay for any outstanding school fees and get any personal items out of their locker. 

Lastly, I want to thank our teacher’s union, the Buckeye Education Association who has decided to have senior signs made for our graduating class of 2020.  Once the signs are completed and delivered, an all call will be made for the students to pick them up at Edgewood High School to place in their yard.   

Again, I truly appreciate everyone’s support.  We will continue to work together to make sure our seniors are recognized for all of their hard work and effort while attending Edgewood High School.